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Home Payers

Why Choose Healthline?

Over the past several years, Healthline has continued to improve and refine areas of our Core Business – Clinical Respiratory and Complex Rehab Services. We are continuously learning and improving what we do. Our solid relationships with physicians, caregivers, clients and payers all contribute to our perpetual improvement and desire to extend their philosophies into the home.

Our commitment to providing quality products, customer education, and continued long term client support through our knowledgeable staff make the difference! Here are just a few things we can include in a partnership:

  • Efficient, timely communication and setup
  • Emergency on-call services 24/7/365
  • Licensed professionals
    • Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) with over 100+ years of combined team experience
    • Respiratory Therapists (RT) with 150+ years of combined experience
  • Sleep Coaches to help your members achieve compliance with sleep therapy devices in record time
  • Device cloud connectivity for real-time data and compliance monitoring
  • Customized patient engagement and compliance tools
  • Accurate and accountable reporting to include data validation with your team
  • COPD Readmission Program through our industry-leading point of care, patient management software system

If you’re interested in learning more about a preferred provider agreement with Healthline or have questions, please fill out our online contact form and our team will be in touch.


An Industry Leader in the Payer Community

Changes in patient expectations, reimbursement, and technology are altering the course of health care. We recognize the shifting environment and continue to work closely with our payer partners in order to improve our services and contribute innovation to the home medical equipment and services field! As an industry leader in the payer community, we consider our company an extension of your knowledge. The better—and smarter—we are in the home will directly impact your members' overall personal health and satisfaction with the health plan they are enrolled in!


Key Components to our Payer Relationships and Value-Based Contracts:

Complex Rehab Technology – Clinical field knowledge is extremely important when caring for your members' complex rehab needs. With over 100+ years of experience, partnering with Healthline ensures the right equipment for each individual member! 

Mobility within the home and community enhances the lives of each individual we serve while lowering the possibility of unnecessary readmissions, due to improper equipment selection and fitting. Contact us to discuss how we can assist in complex patient management for your members.

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OSA Sleep Services – Quality products that adapt to changing patient needs and connect securely via the cloud! The member mobile app enhances our unique process focusing on patient engagement and outcomes long term. Watch our sleep app instructional video here.  Simply put, we want to positively impact each member we interact with, which is invaluable in helping meet patient expectations and overall satisfaction!  

Sleep is the cornerstone to ALL personal health. How is your body expected to repair issues and re-energize without consistent sleep? We understand the importance of quality rest and the positive impression contributed to your members. Contact us today for an in-depth discussion on how to improve your member engagement and overall sleep health!  

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Home Ventilation – Industry leading Point-Of-Care charting software is increasing accountability and clinical efficiency within the home! We specialize in clinical Care structured for each member’s ventilation needs, incorporating patient contact via phone and in-home follow up, to focus on quality outcomes. Medication reconciliation and risk stratification documented, to ensure that we are all aware of the most high-risk patients, and how to care for them appropriately. 

We offer detailed reporting metrics to validate clinical pathways and collaboration between our clinical staff and payer partners. We strive to confirm health care resources were properly used and positive outcomes were achieved! Contact us today for a discussion surrounding your high-risk respiratory patients and how we can lower costs by extending the right clinical care into the home!

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